Photo Workshop + Adventure Travel


PHOTO WOrkshop + Adventure Travel

Lensventure is a combination of passions; photography, adventure, exploring nature, wellness, sustainability and helping others.

Just hop on a flight to Panama and your unique all-inclusive adventure begins. This is not your typical tourist vacation. Every experience has been custom designed for adventurous photographers like you.

Start your morning with yoga and meditation to get in the right headspace for the day. Eat healthy, local and delicious food. Enjoy private tours in beautiful locations. Along the way you will learn about the history and culture of Panama from a local host. Share the adventure in community and make friendships that last a lifetime. Lensventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t want to miss.



FOUNDER + Lead Instructor

Hey I’m Leygh (pronounced ‘Lee’) and I’m from Toronto, Canada, but am currently based in Panama City, Panama. I studied photography before setting out to capture the world with my lens. I am a full-time lifestyle and wedding photographer with more than 7 years of experience. I believe myself to be a true adventurer at heart and my work reflects it. Throughout my career, I have traveled to incredible places in over 30 countries.

I am the the founder and lead instructor for Lensventure. I have years of experience telling stories with my camera and would love to share everything I have learned with you. By combining my passions for adventure and photography, I hope to help people and the planet.

Instagram: @leyghphoto



SECONDARY Instructor

I’m Walter, and I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Since 2010 I have been based in Panama, where I work as a travel, lifestyle and content creation photographer for the biggest hotel chain in the country. I hold a degree in International Trade and Logistics; With around 5 years of experience in the private and non-governmental sector, I have developed a global mindset.

I have a strong desire for adventure and sharing experiences in community. My adventurous spirit has led me to different counties around the world, where I have shared in unique experiences and enriching moments. I’m always hoping to reach more people and collaborate on different projects and I’m happy to be a part of Lensventure.

Instagram: @majortomh



Panamanian host

I’m Diwi (like Kiwi but with D) and I grew up on the islands of Guna Yala and later went on to study hospitality and tourism in Switzerland. I’m the owner of Bodhi Hostel and Lounge, a booming chain of hostels across Panama. I like to call myself a climate change warrior. I am the founder of the Burwigan Project and I care deeply for the future generations of my people.

I will be your local host, and I’m happy to share stories and knowledge about Panama and my native culture of Guna Yala.

Instagram: @diwigdi



Yoga + Meditation Instructor

My name is Leonela, and I’m from San Cristobal, Venezuela, but I now live in Panama where I work as a yoga and meditation instructor.

I’m happy to guide you in different yoga and meditation classes. I will also be offering Thai Massages (at an additional cost) for interested photographers.

Instagram: @leonellaleal