Photo Workshop + Adventure Travel



Just hop on a flight to Panama and your unique all-inclusive adventure begins. This is not your typical tourist vacation. Every experience has been custom designed for adventurous photographers like you. Along the way you will learn about the history and culture of Panama from a local host.

Visit the Panama Canal. Tour historic and modern city streets. Hike to a beautiful waterfall. Immerse yourself in a native community. Start your day with yoga and meditation to get in the right headspace. Eat healthy, local and delicious food. Each experience has been custom made for photographers like you.


City Street Tour

lesser known + HistoriC streets

In Chorrillo, a lesser traveled to neighbourhood, you will find many amazing things to document. A local tour guide will share its history as you practice your photography.

Afterwards, explore the historic streets of the colonial town, Casco Viejo. Find yourself surrounded by recently restored architecture and panoramic views of modern day Panama City. Finish the tour with lunch at a famous local restaurant boasting Panamanian delicacies.


Panama Canal

See the ENGINEERING Wonder

The Panama Canal is an engineering wonder and must see on any trip to Panama. Witness ships traverse through the Miraflores locks. The canal museum shares the history of the canal and a simulated passage. Remember to take pictures of your experience.


Jaguar Falls

a jungle hike like no other

This is the furthest thing from a popular tourist attraction and a moment to enjoy the magic of the raw Panamanian jungle. You may even see a jaguar along the way.

A challenging hike leads you to a beautiful waterfall beyond words. Enjoy the view over a delicious lunch and take photos in front of the cascading water.


Island Tour

TRaverse a CARIBBEAN paradise

Hop on a boat and visit some of the uninhabited islands around San Blas. White sand, crystal clear waters, palm tress and photo opportunities await. You may even see a starfish or two. Grab a snorkel and check out the underwater sea life. The only question is, which island will you love the most?


Guna Yala

immerse in a native culture

It’s like stepping into a national geographic magazine. Guna Yala is a native community like no other. Visit an island village and learn about their culture. You will even have the opportunity to cook with a local Guna family. This is an experience you won’t want to miss, not to mention an amazing opportunity to take photos.

“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” - Jim Richardson



combat climate change

Burwigan means 'kids' in the Guna language, Through photos you will have the opportunity to tell the stories of the first future climate change refugees in Panama, the Guna Kids. The water levels are rising and the islands are sinking. If no action is taken, these kids will have no place to live by the time they are adults. Burwigan aims to help these future generations by inspiring action against climate change.

Take photos with the kids of Guna Yala. We will select the top ten photos to be a part of the next Burwigan exhibition, an opportunity to get your work in front of a lot of people and help the local community at the same time. By raising money for the project, you can help make a difference in the lives of the Guna children.


Sunset Sessions

Practice with the best light

They call it golden hour for a reason. Any photographer will tell how how much they enjoy shooting at sunset. The light is soft, the colours are beautiful and the views are magnificent.

That’s why Lensventure includes optional sunset sessions. This is the ideal time to practice the skills you’ve been learning in different settings. Take turns taking photos and being the subject. Have fun and enjoy amazing moments together. Instructors will be giving one—on-one attention as you practice.


Yoga + Meditation

unite you mind, body and spirit

We offer optional yoga and meditation sessions each morning to help you start your day right. Lensventue is a trip for self-improvement. So, why not use the opportunity to find your inner zen.

Learn from our experienced instructors as they guide you in your practice. You are surrounded by nature, so take a moment to connect. This will set the vibe for you and the team as we aim to connect, experience and capture the beauty that surrounds us.



enjoy healthy local DELICACIES

When you first arrive, enjoy a welcome dinner with your fellow photographers.. While in the city, enjoy you morning coffee and breakfast at the hotel and lunches and dinners at local restaurants.

The kitchen in Kalu Yala features a chef who prepare nutritious meals made especially for you using local ingredients.

While in San Blas, you will have to opportunity to cook a meal together with a Guna family. Enjoy chicken, freshly caught fish or a vegetarian option.

Snacks are provided throughout your Lensventure so you don’t need to worry about getting hungry.