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Explore Unique Locations

Panama is a beautiful country with a lot of diversity. Each place you visit on Lensventure has been selected with care and offers something different. Visit a bustling city, a jungle town and beautiful Caribbean islands, all in one week.


Panama city

tour historic + MODERN streets

The capital city and the hub of the Americas. Start you Lensventure in the bustling metropolis of Panama City.

Wander around the historic streets of the colonial town, Casco Viejo. Marvel at the engineering wonder of the Panama Canal. Enjoy the nightlife at restaurants and rooftop bars. Tour lesser known streets and capture the local city life with your lens.


Kalu Yala


Imagine yourself in the middle of the jungle surrounded by wild animals and lush plant life. Now picture a town, built with love and sustainability in mind. This is not your typical tourist destination; this is Kalu Yala and it’s a truly magical place in the heart of the Panama Jungle.

Grab your camera and hike to a mountaintop for a killer view of the valley. Cool down in one of the many surrounding rivers. Enjoy healthy meals cooked with local ingredients. At night, gather around a bonfire and gaze at the stars. This is your opportunity to experience nature in a whole new way.

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San Blas

explore the CARIBBEAN islands

San Blas is a group of 378 islands located off the north coast of Panama. It’s a true paradise with white sand and crystal clear water. It’s also the home of the untouched native tribes of Guna Yala.

Perfect your photography while living the beach life as you camp on your on private Caribbean island. Immerse in the native community as you tour Playon Chico. Tell the stories of the local Guna kids, the first future climate change refugees in Panama. At night, be sure to connect with your fellow photographers as you gather around a bonfire. If you’re lucky, you may even witness the magnificent bioluminescent algae.