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a Trip you will never forget

Do you prefer to travel off the beaten path? Do you find yourself exploring lesser known streets, shying away from crowded tourist spots and looking for the next incredible experience. Then Lensventure is your kind of trip.

Stay in a sustainable town in the middle of the jungle. Hike to a beautiful waterfall. Immerse with the indigenous tribes of Guna Yala. Stay the night on an island paradise. Lensventure is more than just photography workshops; it is the adventure travel trip you have always dreamed of.

Just hop on a flight to Panama and your unique all-inclusive adventure begins. This is not your typical tourist vacation. Every experience has been custom designed for adventurous photographers like you. Along the way you will learn about the history and culture of Panama from a local host.

Start your morning with yoga and meditation to get in the right headspace for the day. Eat healthy, local and delicious food. Enjoy private tours in beautiful locations. Share the adventure in community and make friendships that last a lifetime. Learn more about the places you will see and the experiences you will have on Lensventure.